Please look to see if we have already answered question on the faq below, before you contact us!! We will be unable to answer your question on the phone if the information is provided here.

How can I contact the Hostel?

If your question is not answered in our FAQ below, and you would like to contact us, you may e-mail us at manager@whitehousehotelofny.com. The front desk of the hotel is EXTREMELY busy and often will not be able to help you unless it is an emergency and the answer is clearly not on our website. We will answer your question directly if it does not already appear on this page. Please, though, help us keep our costs down by relying on this page where you can. Ultimately, it saves YOUR money.

What kind of rooms do you have?

In general, travelers are forced to choose between two types of accommodations: inexpensive dormitory beds in hostels where you have no privacy whatsoever, and expensive hotel rooms where you pay a fortune for a room that you barely use and need only for sleeping. We “bridge” the two. We offer single, double and triple rooms that are small (just large enough to sleep in), simple, and the ceilings are open and consist of open “latticework.” So while there is visual privacy in your room, sound does travel across the entire floor of rooms, so you can hear people around you. So while you are not getting total luxury, you do get physical privacy, i.e. your own room, with a lock on it, and no sharing with strangers. And you get that privacy at a price that simply cannot be beat! WE DO NOT HAVE REGULAR DORM ROOMS.

Can I get a “quiet” room?

Well, as described above, the tops of the rooms are open, so you can hear the people around you. Upon check-in, we do ask guests to be as quiet as possible, especially between the hours of 10pm-9am. However, please keep in mind that this IS a youth hostel, not a regular hotel, and our clientele do tend to be on the younger side and often come in late, etc. If you have a room close to the street, you may also hear “street noise,” or “bathroom noise” if you are near the bathrooms. These things could be problems for light sleepers. Unfortunately, there is no way to reserve a room away from either the street or bathroom area. You can request one when you arrive, but please understand that we cannot guarantee it. So, to answer the question above…NO, there is no way to guarantee that you will receive a “quiet” room.

Do your rooms have en suite bathrooms?

ALL bathroom facilities are shared. We have several toilets, sinks, and showers located at the end of each floor. They are all behind closed doors so you are assured privacy.

How do I make a reservation?

ALL reservations are made via our website on our reservation page. We do NOT accept phone, email or fax reservations. You MUST have a credit card to make a reservation, to reserve, simply click the “Check Availability/ Make Reservations” key on the homepage of our website, fill in the requested information, and click the “Check Availability” button. If all of the days you have requested are available, you will see the rate listed under each night you have requested, and the “Select” button will appear. Click this and fill in the requested info. If any of the nights you have requested are not available, you will see (**) for those dates and you will not be given the option to make a reservation.

ALL nights must be available before you can reserve.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before you plan on arriving.

When I check availability I see (**) instead of a rate, what does this mean?

Two stars (**) means that we are fully booked for that room type on that night. You will not be given the option to make a reservation unless ALL nights are showing up as available. Again, available nights show a rate, unavailable nights show **.

Some of the nights I have requested are showing up as unavailable. Is there any way to get a reservation for those nights, or a wait list I can get on?

Unfortunately we do not have a wait list. If you would still like to reserve the nights that ARE showing up as available (if they are available you will see a rate, if they are not you will see **), you will have to go back and request availability for only the dates that were showing a rate. You can also try checking for different room types. Once all requested nights show a rate, the “Select” option will appear. You may have to make multiple reservations to get all of the dates you need. You will then have to continue checking back to our website at www.whitehousehotelofny.com to see if the other nights you need become available. You can also check with the front desk when you arrive to see if anything has opened up. Calling or emailing us will not help, please keep checking the website or wait until you arrive. One thing you can do, though, is make 2 reservations, one for prior to the date in question and another one for the time period afterward, and try to fill in the missing piece as the date gets closer.

Can 2 people stay in a single, or 3 people stay in a double?

No. Unfortunately the rooms are too small to accommodate more than the room type implies. Singles hold only ONE person. Doubles only TWO people. And the triple sleeps only THREE people. We cannot allow more than that in each room, so please don’t ask!

Will my credit card be charged when I make my reservation? Do I pay a deposit?

An additional night’s stay will be held on your card for security purposes at check-in only. You will be required to pay by cash or credit card when you arrive. Your card will be charged if you don’t show up, or don’t cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled check in date. Remember you can cancel online just go to the Reservations page and you will see a link for Cancellations. You will need to input your reference # and email address.

Can I make a reservation WITHOUT a credit card or using someone elses card?

No. You MUST have a valid credit card to stay at the hostel. NO EXCEPTIONS!!  We hold an additional night’s security deposit on your card even if you are paying by cash. Funds are released after check out.

Can someone else pay for my stay with their credit card?

We do NOT accept any form of prepayment, bank transfer, money wiring, etc, so if someone else wants to pay for you using their credit card, you must either physically bring the card, or you must bring an authorization from the person saying it’s ok for us to charge their card. PLEASE READ THE NEXT PART CAREFULLY!! In order for us to charge someone else’s card to pay for your room, we will need you to bring a letter from that person stating that it’s ok for you (they must write out your name) to use their card (they must write out the card number and expiration date) for however many days they are willing to pay for. They must then sign the letter. We also need a CLEAR photocopy of both the front and the back of the card so we can match the signature on the letter to the signature on the card. IF THE PHOTOCOPY IS NOT CLEAR ENOUGH TO READ ALL NUMBERS, OR IF THE CARD IS NOT SIGNED, WE CAN NOT ACCEPT THE AUTHORIZATION!!

Do I HAVE to have a reservation to stay with you?

No. While reservations are not necessary, they are HIGHLY recommended. We are a very busy hostel, and often times are full to capacity, and not able to give rooms to “walk-ins” (someone without a reservation). If you want to be guaranteed a room, a reservation is the way to go. Also, as a walk-in you would still be required to either have a credit card with $100 available credit, or you would have to put down a $100 cash deposit for security measures. This will be returned to you when you check out. The deposit does NOT go toward paying for your room. You would still be required to keep up to date on any payment. There is also a one time $5 “walk-in” fee for your first night. Walk-ins are only on a night-by-night basis and cannot be guaranteed a room for any specific period of time. If you want to be guaranteed a room, make a reservation on our reservations page.

What are your rates?

Our rates differ depending on the time of year. Generally, our prices are about $35.00 per person exclusive of applicable taxes. Including taxes, you should expect to pay about $43.00 per person. Also, because we offer discounts for cash, you should expect to pay more if paying by credit card.

What kinds of payment to you accept?

Cash is “king” and so we accept US dollars. We also accept credit cards (Visa & MasterCard ONLY) but because our rates are discounted for cash, you might want to pay with cash. (But no matter what, you will need a valid credit card to the hold your reservation. We also accept traveler’s checks in US dollars. We do not accept any foreign currency.

Do your rates include breakfast?

No. We do not offer breakfast; however, we are in a wonderful neighborhood that offers many fantastic restaurants, delis, diners, etc. You will have no problem finding a great place to eat.

Is there a maximum number of nights I can stay, the website only allow me to book 14?

The maximum number of nights a person can stay consecutively at our Hostel in a 56 day period is 28. So, after spending 28 consecutive nights in our hotel, once you check out, you will not be permitted to check in again for another 28 nights. Since our website only allows you to reserve 14 nights at a time, if you need to stay longer, you will have to make back to back reservations to cover the time you need. But remember, no more than 28 consecutive nights in a 56 day period! Also, once you have stayed in the hotel for 20 days or more in a given 30 day period, consecutive or not, you will not be permitted to check in again until after a 28 day waiting period has passed. The limit on nights is standard in NY and most other hotels and hostels are even stricter. Virtually all have a 20 day limit if not shorter.

Do you offer weekly rates, or discounts for extended stays?

No. All guests are given the same low daily rate without discrimination. We already have the lowest rates around for private accommodations. If we gave further discounts you’d practically be staying for free!

Do you offer discounts for members of any hostel organizations or for students?

No. We are not members of any hostel organizations; therefore we do not offer discounts for members or for students. Again, everyone gets the same low rate.

Do you have any age restrictions?

Yes. Because we are a youth hostel, and not a typical hotel, you must be at least 18 years of age to stay with us. We do not have a cut off age. If you are over 18, then we welcome you. I’m sorry, but we cannot accept young children. If you have questions about this policy, please email us at manager@whitehousehotelofny.com.

Is there a curfew?

No way! New York is the city that never sleeps, so we understand that you’ll be out late enjoying our cities nightlife. We are open 24 hours a day, so you can come and go as often as you like.

Do I need to bring linens or towels?

Nope. We provide you with sheets, blanket, and pillow. We also provide you with one towel.

Do you have kitchen facilities?

We do not have full kitchen facilities, but we do offer a refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven for guest use. We do not provide plates or silverware.

Do you have Internet service?

Of course! Who DOESN’T have Internet these days? We have wireless service for those with laptops. The cost is $7/day for unlimited service.

I didn’t receive my email confirmation, what do I do?

If you were given reference # when you made your reservation, then don’t worry about it. That is a clear sign that your reservation went through. You should also receive an email confirmation to the email address you listed when making your reservation. If you did NOT receive this, there could be a couple of reasons why. #1, if you have aHotmail.com account. Hotmail is known for filtering out emails it views as “spam,” and for this reason, many of our Confirmations do not go through on hotmail accounts. The other reason could be that you entered your email address wrong. But if you were given a reference # when you booked, there is no need to contact us. We will have your reservation. If you’re not sure if you got reference #, please email us at manager@whitehousehotelofny.com to see if your reservation went through.

Where you are located, is the neighborhood safe?

We are located in the East Village of Manhattan. We are VERY close to NYU, Washington Square Park, and the Meatpacking District. Click the following link to see our location on a map www.whitehousehotelofny.com/directions We are in a FANTASTIC area filled with restaurants, pubs, cafes, & shopping. We are located only 2 ½ short blocks to the 6 train subway line, and only another couple of blocks to the F, B, D, N, & R lines. With so many subways nearby, you can reach all of the main NYC tourist attractions within minutes. This is New York City, so anything could happen anytime and anywhere, but as far as neighborhoods go, this could be considered up there with the safest ones in New York City.

How do I get to you from the airport?

There are 3 main airports in the New York City area. La Guardia, JFK, & Newark. You can take a taxi from any of these airports, and the cost to and from these airports will be approximately $30 (La Guardia), $45 (JFK), & $50 (Newark). We also recommend a service called Super Shuttle. They cost $15 to and from La Guardia, and $17 to and from JFK & Newark. They offer the convenience of a taxi, but with a much cheaper price tag.

For subway and driving directions from the airports, please click the following link www.whitehousehotelofny.com/directions

When can I check in?

Our check in time is 3pm. However, if you arrive before then we will be happy to check you in early IF there is a room ready at the time. If we cannot check you in early, we do have a place where you can store your luggage until check in time. If you are arriving later than 3pm, no worries, we’ll hold your room for you ALL night! If you check in prior to 7 a.m. though, you will be charged as if you stayed the prior night.

When do I need to check in?

You MUST have a valid credit card to check in. Whether you are paying by cash or credit card, an additional night will be held on the credit card for security purposes. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the rule. If your card declines that amount we WILL NOT honor your reservation. Funds will be released back to your card after checkout.

What kind of ID do I need to check in?

If you are from the US or Canada, you will need either a passport, or a state issued driver’s license or ID card. Anyone from outside of the US or Canada must show a passport. ALL ID must be valid & have a picture. No expired ID will be accepted.

When do I need to check out?

Check out time is 10 am. We do offer a half-hour grace period, until 10:30 AM. If you check out after that, you will be charged a late check out fee. And if you check out after 1pm, you will be charged FULL nights stay and still be required to check out. We ask that you please try your best to observe our 10 am check out time.

Do you have a place where I can store my luggage?

Yes. We offer FREE luggage storage on the day you check in, and also the day you check out. Due to high volumes of luggage being stored in our luggage rooms, we cannot allow you to keep bags in the luggage rooms during your stay. It takes up too much space and makes it difficult for others to leave their bags. You must also pick up any luggage you have left, on the same day. You may not leave it for more than a day.

I need to cancel my reservation, what do I do?

Simply CLICK HERE to cancel an existing reservation. You will then receive a return email confirming your cancellation. If you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before your scheduled check in date, you will not be charged. If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged for one nights stay.

I would like to extend or make a change to my reservation, can you help me?

If you would like to extend a reservation, you need to simply place a second reservation for the additional days you wish to stay. To shorten your reservation, please cancel your initial reservation (see “I need to cancel my reservation, what do I do?” above), and then book your new reservation. You may contact us atmanager@whitehousehotelofny.com for additional assistance but please be patient in receiving a response. If we are unable to extend your stay at the time of your request, you may still be able to check with the front desk when you are already here to see if anything has opened up to make your extension possible.

Do you offer lockers or a place to store valuables?

We do offer small safe deposit boxes for a fee of $2/day, plus a $5 key deposit, which is returned when you return your key. The security boxes are only big enough to hold small items such as passports, money, plane tickets, etc. We do not have any lockers to hold larger items such as laptops, however, they are completely safe in your room as long as you are sure to lock your door when you leave.

Do you allow smoking in the hotel?

Sorry, but there is absolutely NO smoking in the rooms or anywhere else in the building. Anyone found smoking in the building will be asked to check out immediately and no refund will be issued.

Do you offer parking?

We do not personally provide parking, however, there are several parking lots in the area where you can park your car. They are all generally about $25/day. There is metered parking in front of the building, which is $2.50/hour between the hours of 7am-7pm. After 7pm

parking is free. Free parking during the day however is definitely a rarity and not easy to find.

Do you have an elevator?

Sorry, but no. We are a 4 story walk-up building. All guests’ rooms are on the upper 3 floors, so unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate guests in wheelchairs or that are unable to climb stairs.

Do you allow any pets?

Nope. Unfortunately, there are no pets allowed up on the guest’s floors. But you can play with our in-house cat “Mama Cat.”

Am I able to receive mail at the hostel?

Yes. However, it’s always best to inform the front desk that you are expecting something. Also, if you are already here and are able to have the sender put your room # on the package, that is a good idea. Otherwise just try to have it say “guest” somewhere on the package.

Are there power outlets in the rooms?

No. Our hostel holds a lot of history and throughout the years we have kept the original build of the rooms, etc, which were not installed with outlets. The bathroom areas DO have outlets so you can use your hairdryer, curling iron, electronic shaver, etc. However, we STRONGLY recommend that you do not leave any items plugged in unattended. If you would like to charge your cell phone, I-pod, camera, batteries, etc, we suggest that you bring them down to the front desk and we will be happy to charge them safely for you.

NOTE: We do NOT provide adaptors for foreign appliances, so please bring your own!!

Can I make or receive phone calls?

There are NO phones in the rooms; however, we have a pay phone in our lobby where you can make local phone calls for 25 cents. Long distance and international calls are only $1 for 3 minutes. Also, please be aware that the pay phone does NOT accept incoming calls. We will take messages for you from our main business line, but guests are NOT permitted to receive calls on our phone line. Basically, the only way for you to speak to someone is for you to call them.

Do you have laundry facilities for guests to use?

We do have washers and dryers for guests use. It is $1.50 for a wash, and $1.50 for a dry. Guests are required to provide their own washing detergent.

Do you provide irons or hairdryers for guests?

Yes and no. We DO have an iron and ironing board in our laundry room that guests can use for no charge. However, we do NOT provide hairdryers for guests. We also do not provide adaptors for foreign appliances, so you will need to bring your own.

Can I send or receive faxes at the hostel?

Yes. ALL faxes, whether you are sending or receiving them, are $1 per page. If you are receiving a fax, please make sure the sender clearly has your name (and room # if possible) so we may effectively see that you receive your fax.

Do you have any vending or snack machines?

We have a Pepsi soda machine in our lobby. We also have a gourmet coffee machine with many delicious flavors of coffee available. We do not have a snack machine, but there is a great deli just 3 doors down where you can fulfill your snacking needs until late at night.

What is the Hotel’s Phone Number?

If you need to leave a message for a guest or obtain information NOT located on this page you can call us at 212.477.5623.


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